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In these general terms andconditions (“Terms of Delivery”) the following terms have the

following meanings:

LYb: LYb or any company currently orin the future affiliated with LYb.

Products: goods and services

Customer: a person (persons) whowishes to purchase products from LYb and who acts in the

exercise of a profession orbusiness.

Service: activities such as but notlimited to maintenance, advice and inspection.

Agreement: any agreement between LYband the Client with regard to the delivery of products,

as well as any supplement or changethereof.

2. Applicability

2.1 Unless expressly agreed inwriting, these Terms of Delivery apply to all offers from LYb and

to all (other) legal relationshipsbetween the customer and LYb. Any clauses deviating from

these terms of delivery must in allcases be expressly agreed in writing.

2.2 Applicability of any general(purchase) conditions used by the client is explicitly rejected.

3. Offers and agreement

3.1 Offers from LYb are withoutobligation. They are without obligation, unless the contrary is

clear. In the case of a Customerresiding abroad, the following applies instead of the previous

statement: Offers from LYb are onlybinding for the term stated in the offer or, if the term is not

stated, for a reasonable term(maximum 3 three months).

3.2 Information stated in catalogs,images, drawings, standardization sheets and the like are

only indicative and not binding.Insofar as these are expressly included in an agreement signed

by the parties or in an orderconfirmation signed by LYb, without prejudice to the responsibility of

the customer for the informationprovided by the customer. Small dimensional differences, or

minor changes in construction orcomponents that are desired for a good execution, are


3.3 An agreement is concluded bysigning the agreement or by written order confirmation by LYb.

3.4 The offer of LYb as well as thedesigns, drawings and presentations issued by LYb remain

the property of LYb and must bereturned to LYb immediately if no agreement is concluded with

LYb. They may not be used and / orcopied in whole or in part without the express permission of

LYb. Nor may they be reproduced inany other way or made available to third parties for


3.5 The customer guarantees thatinformation regarding the manufacturing and / or construction

methods used by LYb will not beshown, disclosed or used by third parties.

3.6 Unless explicitly statedotherwise, all offers are based on performance under normal

circumstances and during the regularworking hours of LYb (9:00 am - 5:00 pm). Unless

otherwise agreed in writing, LYb isfree to charge a surcharge on the delivery and / or assembly

costs for delivery or assemblyoutside regular working hours:

3.6a 30% on normal working daysafter 5 pm and before 8 pm;

3.6b 40% on normal working daysbetween 8 pm and 7 am;

3.6c 60% on Saturdays;

3.6d 100% on Sundays and publicholidays.

3.7 LYb reserves the right to passon costs incurred by LYb to the customer in connection with

an offer and / or agreement (ifapplicable) to the customer.


4.1 All prices and quotations quotedby LYb are exclusive of VAT and other government levies.

Unless otherwise agreed, the pricesstated by LYb in its quotations or order confirmations to the

customer are ex works / warehouse.

4.2 At the request of the customerand accepted by LYb, transport to the place of destination on

the customer's premises and/ or in the customer's building, provided that the goods in question

can take a large lift to the placeof destination. are transported sufficiently for platform trucks and

pallet trucks and without any otherhindrance. LYb will charge a minimum amount for this

service and the installation costs,equal to one call-out charge and half a man hour.

4.3 If, at the request of thecustomer, delivery is postponed beyond the delivery date, or if the

customer requests delivery of theproduct before the delivery date, LYb is entitled to

reimbursement of the costs it incursas a result of this postponement or acceleration.

Respectively, as well ascompensation for the statutory interest on the price of the products

involved in the postponement.Postponement of delivery does not suspend the customer's

payment obligation. LYb reserves theright to claim damages arising from the delay.

4.4 If delivery to or near the placeof delivery requires extra working hours due to the lack of

paving or a paved road, or due toother circumstances, or if LYb has to incur additional costs as

a result, these additional hours andcosts will be borne by the customer and LYb. entitled to

charge these hours and costsseparately to the customer.

4.5 Waiting hours and delays thatare not caused by LYb's own actions will be charged at the

applicable rates.

4.6 Changes in purchase prices, wagecosts, cost prices of raw materials and / or materials,

social and government charges and /or other costs, insofar as these relate to the agreed

performance, can be passed on to theCustomer by LYb at all times. If the price is changed

within three months after the conclusionof an agreement, the customer has the right to dissolve

the agreement.

4.7 Prices and productspecifications on the website: There may be some differences between

the product photography on thewebsite and the physical product, therefore the image may differ

from the item number. prices arealso subject to change without notice due to unforeseen

increases in the cost of importedproducts, raw materials or currency fluctuations. We check

prices and product specificationscarefully, but errors may occasionally occur, so we reserve the

right to change both without notice.We are not responsible for customer pricing errors. Some

products listed may be items out ofstock.

Delivery and implementation

5.1 Delivery periods in offers,order confirmations and / or agreements are given to the best of its

knowledge and will be checked by LYbas often as possible, but are not binding and can never

be regarded as deadlines. Exceedingsuch deadlines will not cause LYb to be in default, nor will

it result in any liability on thepart of LYb. If these terms are exceeded, LYb will consult with the

customer in good time.

5.2 Unless otherwise agreed,delivery takes place ex works / warehouse.

LYb has fulfilled its obligation todeliver by offering the products to the Customer once ex factory

/ warehouse or at the agreed placeand time. Deliveries also include agreed partial deliveries.

5.3 LYb reserves the right todeliver the Agreement in parts and to invoice these partial

deliveries separately.

5.4 The delivery terms start on thelatest of the following dates:

5.4a The day or week stated on theorder confirmation;

5.4b The day on which LYb receivesthe documents, information, permits and the like that are

necessary to carry out theassignment;

5.4c The day on which theformalities for the commencement of the work are completed;

5.4d The day on which LYb receivesthe advance to be paid in accordance with the agreement

before the work commences.

5.5 The Customer is obliged toaccept the purchased products at the place and time as stated in

article 5 (five) paragraph 2 (two).If the Customer fails to do so, LYb is entitled to demand

payment of the agreed purchase pricefor the products not purchased without notice of default.

The customer is deemed to havepurchased the products from LYb, after which they will be

stored at the expense and risk ofthe customer and against payment of all resulting costs. The

above does not affect the otherrights to which LYb is entitled.

5.6 Cancellation of the agreementcan only take place after consultation with and written

permission from LYb under theconditions set by LYb.

5.7 LYb has the right to have (partsof) the agreement executed by third parties. If (part of) the

Agreement is performed by (a) third(parties) in consultation with the Client, LYb is entitled to

pass on additional costs invoiced bythese (these) third (parties) to the customer. costs stated in

the offer. LYb is not liable for thework performed by a third party insofar as this third party has

itself concluded an agreement withthe customer or the customer has given instructions to the

third party.

6. Assembly

6.1 If the customer has placed anorder for assembly and LYb has accepted this order in writing,

the assembly is deemed to be able totake place under normal working conditions and during the

normal working hours that apply to LYb'sassembly service. If the activities have to be

performed (in whole or in part)outside normal working hours, LYb may charge the allowance

referred to in Article 3 paragraph 3paragraph 6 paragraph 6.

6.2 Where necessary, the assemblywork will be based on drawings sent to the client in advance

or on layout drawings available bythe client and approved by LYb. The dimensions and data

stated therein will be checked bythe customer at work. Printouts of the drawings concerned are

signed by the customer for approvaland returned to LYb. The assessment of the suitability of

the construction of the building inwhich the products are mounted is the responsibility of the


6.3 Without prejudice to theprovisions of paragraph 1, paragraph 1, the client will take care of

the item at its own expense andrisk:

6.3a That the necessary work, whichdoes not form part of the assignment of LYb, such as

electrical work, cutting, breaking,masonry, concrete, plastering and / or painting or similar other

work properly and in good timebefore the anticipated delivery date have been performed;

6.3b That the light and powercurrent are available at a reasonable distance, that the materials

to be supplied by third parties orClient (s) are present in the vicinity of the relevant work

location. In addition, that theworkplaces are clean, dry and sufficiently heated;

6.3c That the delivered products canbe transported to the place of assembly with a lift large

enough for platform trolleys orpallet trucks. Other work by third parties and the client must not

prevent the uninterrupted progressof the transport through the building and / or continuous


6.3.d That the products deliveredbut not yet assembled, as well as the tools, can be stored in

lockable areas that are suitable forthe storage of these products and tools.

If the customer fails to fulfill theobligations described above, LYb is entitled to suspend the

execution of the work and to chargethe customer for the additional costs incurred.

6.4 In the event of loss of time dueto the lack of mounting materials or tools or a cause for which

LYb is not responsible, such anextension of the delivery time is entitled to suspend the

execution of the work and to chargethe additional costs incurred by it to the client.

6.5 The Customer is liable fordamage to products or tools of LYb, its employees and third

parties engaged by it, as well asfor damage thereof, except in the case of intent or gross

negligence on the part of LYb.

7. Trial exhibits

7.1 If desired by the client, a testsetup can be carried out according to the following conditions.

7.2 Test installation (s) isunderstood to mean the products displayed in a room (s) to be made

available by the client for thevisualization of the workplace or construction for which the client is


7.3 LYb has the right to charge thecustomer a percentage of the catalog value of the products


7.4 If the Customer wishes to keepthe products, they will still be invoiced by LYb, whereby the

payment already received pursuant toparagraph 3, third paragraph, will be deducted from the

amount of the Products.

7.5 In the case of a test set-up,the Client is liable for use, damage, theft or loss of the Products

up to a maximum of the catalog valueof the products concerned.

8. project advice

8.1 Unless otherwise agreed inwriting, the costs of making a preliminary study and / or design

proposal, making drawings and / orplans, as well as leading the design, coordination and / or

implementation of a project will beborne by the contractor.

8.2 With regard to (project) advice,a best efforts obligation applies and such advice will be

drawn up by LYb to the best of itsknowledge and ability on the basis of the applicable product


9. Invoicing and Payment

9.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing,invoicing will be carried out as follows:

9.1a for agreements up to an amountof € 1,000 (one thousand Euro) excluding VAT, as soon as

the delivery of the products hastaken place in accordance with Article 5 (five) paragraph 2 (two);

9.1b for agreements for an amount of€ 1,000 (thousand Euro) and higher, excluding VAT:

50% at the time of orderconfirmation;

50% as soon as delivery of theproducts has taken place ex article

5 (five), paragraph 2 (two).

9.1c In all cases, the entire amountwill be invoiced at the time the customer

is in default with the receipt of a(partial) delivery.

9.2 Unless otherwise agreed inwriting, payment must be made in the manner indicated by LYb

within 14 (fourteen) days after theinvoice date, without settlement for whatever reason.

9.3 If the aforementioned term isexceeded, the client will be in default by operation of law,

without any notice of default beingrequired. In that case, the client owes default interest of 1%

per month from the date of default,whereby part of a month is counted as a whole month. At the

end of each year, the amount onwhich the interest is calculated is increased by the interest due

for that year. For a client residingabroad, the default interest as stated above is equal to the

interest rate applied by theEuropean Central Bank (ECB) in its most recent financial transaction,

plus 10 (ten) percentage points. Thereference dates are: January 1 for the first half of the

calendar year and July 1 for thesecond half of the calendar year.

9.4 If the client does not fulfillhis payment obligations on time, he will also owe the extrajudicial

collection costs, which costs amountto at least 15% of the principal amount still due, with a

minimum of € 200 (two hundredeuros). LYb is only obliged to prove the costs incurred insofar

as these are higher than the amounts/ percentages stated in the previous penalties.

9.5 Payments made by the clientalways serve in the first instance to settle all interest and costs

owed and subsequently to payableinvoices that have been outstanding the longest, even if the

client states that the paymentrelates to a later invoice.

9.6 If and insofar as, in theopinion of the customer, there are defects in a delivered product, he /

she is not entitled to refusepayment or to suspend his payment obligation with regard to

products from the same shipment ordelivery about which no complaint has been made. made.

9.7 The customer is obliged toimmediately provide security at LYb's first request in the form

desired by LYb and to supplementthis if necessary for all obligations of the customer. As long

as the customer does not meet thisrequirement, LYb is entitled to suspend obligations.

10 Retention of title

10.1 Products delivered to thecustomer remain the property of LYb as long as the customer has

not paid LYb in full. Everythingthat the customer owes LYb under the agreement, including

interest, costs and claims fornon-compliance with the agreement.

10.2 The products are at the risk ofthe Customer from the moment of delivery or offer in

accordance with article 5, articlefive, second paragraph, second paragraph. In case of delayed

delivery in accordance with article4, article 4, third paragraph, third paragraph, the risk passes

to the customer at the moment thatthe products would have been delivered according to the

original agreement.

10.3 As long as the ownership of thedelivered products has not passed to the customer, the

customer is only authorized toprocess or resell the delivered products in the normal course of

his business. Subject to the aboveprovisions, the client may not pledge these products or grant

any other right to them to a thirdparty.

10.4 LYb hereby reserves in advancepledge rights as referred to in Article 3: 237 of the Dutch

Civil Code in respect of deliveredproducts that have passed into the ownership of the customer

and are still in the possession ofthe customer as additional security for all claims that LYb may

have. have against the customer forany reason. LYb is entitled at all times and is hereby

irrevocably authorized by thecustomer to take the actions necessary to establish such a lien

(including establishing the lien byauthentic deed or a registered private deed) and to act on

behalf of the customer. customer toact in doing this. . The customer undertakes to immediately

cooperate with this pledge at therequest of LYb.

10.5 The customer is obliged toinsure the goods against fire, explosion and water damage as

well as against theft for theduration of the reserved property and to make the policies of these

insurance policies available to LYbfor inspection upon first request. As soon as LYb indicates

the wish to do so, all claims of thecustomer against the insurers of the goods under the

aforementioned insurance will bepledged by the customer to it in the manner indicated in Article

3: 239 of the Dutch Civil Code asadditional security. for the claims of LYb on the Client, the last

two sentences of paragraph 4 (four)of this article apply.

10.6 If the client does not fulfillits payment obligations towards LYb or LYb has good reason to

fear that it will not meet itsobligations, LYb is entitled to take back the products delivered under

retention of title on its ownauthority and without any liability towards the client. After

repossession, the customer will becredited for the market value, which will in no case exceed

the original purchase price, lessthe costs incurred for the repossession.

11. Claims and Warranty

11.1 The customer must reportcomplaints

11.1 Complaints about visibledefects must be reported by the customer in writing to LYb

immediately after discovery, but nolater than 2 (two) days after delivery. Complaints about non-

visible defects must be submitted toLYb in writing by the customer immediately after discovery,

but no later than 14 (fourteen) daysafter the expiry of the warranty period referred to in

paragraphs 5 (five) and 6 (six).

11.2 The customer must, within 14(fourteen) days of receipt by LYb of the warranty claim,

enable LYb to investigate the itemexamination.

11.3 If the aforementioned terms areexceeded, all claims against LYb with regard to the defects

concerned will lapse. Legal claimsin this regard must be submitted within one year after a timely

complaint, under penalty offorfeiture.

11.4 Without prejudice to thelimitations set out below, LYb guarantees both the soundness of

the product it supplies and thequality of the materials used and / or supplied under normal use

for a period of 12 (twelve) monthsafter delivery in accordance with article 5 (five) Paragraph 2,

Paragraph 2, with the exception ofall products and / or parts obtained by LYb from third parties

for which LYb has provided the samewarranty as it receives from its supplier, with a maximum

of 12 (twelve) months.

11.5 Paragraphs 1 (one) and 3(three) apply mutatis mutandis to defects whose cause lies

exclusively or predominantly indefective assembly / installation by LYb. If assembly / installation

of the product is carried out by LYb,the periods referred to in paragraph 1, first paragraph,

commence on the day on whichassembly / installation is completed by LYb, on the

understanding that in that case thewarranty period ends. if 12 (twelve) months have elapsed

since the delivery in accordancewith Article 5, fifth paragraph, second paragraph, second


11.6 Cases not covered by thewarranty are in any case defects that occur in, or are wholly or

partly the result of:

11.6a Failure by the customer tocomply with the operating and / or maintenance instructions or

use other than the intended normaluse;

11.6b Normal wear and tear;

11.6c Assembly / installation orrepair by third parties and / or customer;

11.6d Overvoltage on thecustomer's electricity grid, eg due to a lack of overvoltageprotection;

11.6e The application of anygovernment regulation regarding the nature or quality of the

materials used;

11.6f Materials and / or items thatare used in consultation with or on the explicit instruction of

the client or materials and / oritems supplied by or on behalf of the client or materials and / or

items provided for processing;

11.6g Working methods andconstructions applied on behalf of the client.

11.7 If the customer does not or notproperly fulfill any obligation arising for him from the contract

concluded with LYb or from a relatedagreement, LYb cannot be held liable for any warranty

with regard to one of theseagreements. If the customer dismantles, repairs or performs other

work, or has it done by a thirdparty, without the prior written consent of LYb, any warranty claim

will lapse.

11.8 If LYb replaces parts /products in compliance with its warranty obligations, the replaced

parts / products become itsproperty.

11.9 If LYb has had material and /or construction faults repaired or the products concerned

replaced in the context of warranty,it has fully complied with its warranty obligations and is not

liable for any further (damage)compensation, unless the damage is the result. intent or gross

negligence on the part of LYb, itsemployees or third parties engaged by it, or liability arises from

Title 3 (three), Title 3 (three)Book 6 (six) BW. Nor can the customer claim dissolution of the

agreement on the basis of provenmaterial and / or construction errors, unless the customer

cannot reasonably be expected tocomply with the agreement.

12. liability

12.1 LYb's liability islimited to compliance with the warranty obligations described in Article 12,

paragraph twelve.

12.2 Barring gross negligence on thepart of LYb, the applicability of the legal provisions

regarding product liability as laiddown in implementation of the relevant EU Directive and

subject to the provisions ofparagraph 1 (one) all liability of LYb, such as for (but not limited to) )

lost profit, other indirect damage(including consequential damage) and damage as a result of

liability towards third parties isexcluded. This exclusion cannot be invoked if such an invitation,

where appropriate, would lead to anunacceptable result according to the standards of

reasonableness and fairness.

12.3 Without in any way detractingfrom the provisions of these general terms and conditions,

LYb is not liable for any defect inthe delivery of the Products that is the result of the inaccuracy

and / or incompleteness of theinformation provided by the customer.

12.4 LYb is not liable for:

12.4a Infringement of Patents,Licenses or Other Rights of Third Parties

as a result of the use of dataprovided by or on behalf of the customer;

12.4b Damage to or loss, forwhatever cause, of raw materials, semi-finished products, models,

tools and other items made availableby the customer.

12.5 If LYb provides help andassistance (in whatever form) with the assembly of the products

without having received and orderedthem, this is at the customer's own risk.

12.6 The customer will compensate LYbor hold LYb liable in respect of all third party claims for

damages for which LYb'sliability is excluded in these terms and conditions in the relationship

with the customer.

12.7 LYb is not responsible for theusability of products for the Customer, nor for any damage

caused by the use of products, ifproducts are used by the customer in a different way or for a

different application than stated inthe product specifications.

12.8 LYb is not liable for advicegiven or to be given, unless there is or will be an explicit written

(advice) agreement about this.Insofar as this agreement provides for LYb's liability.

12.9 The liability of LYb caused bynon-compliance with its obligations is at all times limited to

the amount stated on the invoicethat LYb has charged the Customer for the delivery of the

products, as well as to the amountcharged by a customer. insurer is paid under the relevant

insurance policy.

12.10 For a customer located in theUnited Kingdom, the following applies in addition to

paragraph 9 (nine) of this article:Notwithstanding any other provision in these LYb terms and

conditions, liability is excluded -in respect of situations involving to the performance of the

Agreement - insofar as ensuing fromor with regard to:

• Death or physical injury as aresult of negligence;

• The proprietary rights that LYbmay assert in respect of the

Products (good title of the goods)with the meaning of section

12 (twelve) Sale of Goods Act (tothe extent this law is applicable in

the countries of the UnitedKingdom);

• for fraud or fraudulentmisrepresentation;

• Liability that cannot be excludedunder mandatory law.

13. Intellectual Property andKnow-How

13.1 All intellectual propertyrights and know-how in connection with the products remain with

LYb, unless otherwise agreed inwriting between LYb and the Customer. The foregoing also

applies in the event that LYb makesProducts especially for the Customer and the Customer has

paid for them.

13.2 The copyright on advice,drawings, scripts, images, models, sketches, design proposals,

presentations, productspecifications and descriptions provided by LYb always remains with


13.3 If LYb and the customer agreein writing that the intellectual property rights rest with the

customer, the customer grants LYb anunlimited, worldwide license to the product and the

exploitation of the relevantproducts under its own name, unless otherwise agreed in writing. If

this has been agreed (in writing), LYbwill pay a fee for the above mentioned exploitation.

13.4 If and as long as theintellectual property rights in the Products are vested in LYb, the

customer will refrain from anyinfringement of such intellectual property rights, including but not

limited to registration in anyintellectual property right, claiming any intellectual property right as

its property, and producing and / orexploiting the products without the prior consent of LYb.

13.5 If and as long as theintellectual property rights are vested in LYb, LYb will take all

reasonable measures to prevent thedelivered Products from infringing any intellectual property

right of third parties that isapplicable in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, if LYb can be accused of

infringing such a right, LYb will,without prejudice to the limits set in Article 12, twelfth paragraph,

at its discretion withdraw thedelivered good against settlement of the purchase costs, ensure

that the customer receives thedelivered good. can continue. , or any other equivalent product,

without interference, or indemnifyCustomer against the costs of legal assistance in connection

with the defense against suchinfringement.

13.6 The provisions of the previousparagraph only apply if the customer informs LYb in writing

within 2 (two) months after theCustomer has become aware of a claim from a third party as

referred to in that paragraph,whereby LYb is able to independently to defend his interests face-

to-face. the party asserting theintellectual property rights, and will cooperate fully with the

Customer in defending any suchinfringement.

13.7 The measures referred to in theprevious paragraphs in the event of infringement of the

intellectual property right of athird party are the only measures that LYb is obliged to take in this

regard; the customer has no otherrights in this respect

and / or claims against LYb.

13.8 The customer refrains fromusing any trademarks exploited by LYb or using similar image,

sound, form or word indications and/ or combinations, regardless of whether or not a deposit is

present in this regard, unless theuse by LYb in written form is permitted.

14. models, tools, dies and molds

Unless otherwise agreed, models,tools, molds and molds specially manufactured for the

customer remain the property of LYb,even if costs have been charged for this. If no orders for a

particular article have beenreceived and accepted by LYb for two years, LYb is entitled to

destroy the relevant models, tools,molds and molds without notifying the relevant Customer.

15 Non-attributable shortcoming(force majeure)

15.1 In case of force majeure, LYbis entitled either to suspend the fulfillment of its obligations

towards the customer, or to dissolvethe agreement in whole or in part without judicial

intervention and without beingobliged to pay any compensation towards the customer or third

parties, such at LYb'sdiscretion. .

15.2 Force majeure also includes:any circumstance beyond the control of LYb or any

circumstance which it cannotreasonably foresee that temporarily or permanently prevents the

fulfillment of its obligations underthe agreement. Such circumstances include: war, threat of war,

riots or other disruptions to publicorder, fire, natural disasters, strike, (restrictive) government

measures, failure to obtain thenecessary permits, operational disturbances, as well as the

complete or partial default of thirdparties from whom the products are received.

16 Suspension and termination

16.1 If the customer does not, notproperly or not timely fulfill any obligation arising from a

contract concluded with LYb, or ifthere is serious doubt as to whether the Customer is able to

personally fulfill his contractualobligations with LYb is entitled, without notice of default or

judicial intervention, or to suspendthe execution of any contract concluded with the Customer,

or to dissolve the contract in wholeor in part, without being obliged to pay any compensation

and without prejudice to his otherrights.

16.2 If one of the parties mustapply for a moratorium or be declared bankrupt, the other party is

entitled to dissolve the Agreementsthat have been concluded by means of written notification, or

to terminate the fulfillment of itsobligations. aprons. All amounts owed to the dissolving party

then become immediately due andpayable. In addition, the rights in respect of non-compliance

with obligations remain fullyreserved for the party concerned.

17. Indemnification

The customer indemnifies LYb againstclaims from third parties, including employees of the

customer, who suffer damage inconnection with the implementation of the agreement as a

result of acts or omissions of thecustomer or unsafe situations in the customer's organization

and LYb compensation for all costs,damage and interest that LYb may suffer as a result of

claims of the aforementioned thirdparties against LYb for the products, services and advice

provided by LYb for the benefit ofthe customer, all this with due observance of the statutory


18. Evidence

Unless proof to the contrary, theadministrative data of LYb are decisive for the (performance of

the) Agreement.

19. Disputes

All disputes in matters to whichthese terms and conditions apply will be submitted to the

competent court in Breda, subject tothe right of the parties to initiate summary proceedings

before the competent court inanother district.

20. Governing Law

All matters covered by these termsand conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law. In the

event of invalidity of one or moreprovisions of these terms and conditions, the parties are bound

by rules that correspond as much aspossible, which cannot be subject to invalidity.

The applicability of the ViennaSales Convention is explicitly excluded.

21. priority English version

The English version of these termsof delivery is binding and prevails over translations.

22. Confidentiality

Both in the pre-contractual phase,including the quotation phase and during the agreement, and

after termination of the agreement,the parties will observe secrecy with regard to all information

of a confidential nature that comesto their knowledge in connection with the offer and the



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