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Jan J Halewijn: ‘Dare to be LYb’

LYb [pronounced: leip] Let You Blossom, Live Your Best comes straight from my heart. My quest to be who you are and live that fully is an important drive in my career and life. I wish everybody the chance to blossom; find their own way to live their best life.

Living Your Best life is not about being successful in conventional terms. It’s about Living Your Best life. It’s about following your heart and expressing yourself. Be willing to step outside of the box that society presents you if that is what makes you truly happy. Take the detour if necessary. No matter what others think. That calls for guts, awareness and conscious choices. And LYb supports you.

LYb designs are seen and make you heard. LYb designs stand out. They are colourful, powerful and loving. I hope that LYb inspires and I wish everybody to live the best version of themselves.

Dare to be LYb. Jan J Halewijn, artist‍.